We love nothing more than nurturing innovation at TheStadiumBusiness Summit, so when our paths crossed with unique start-up Beovation, we knew that they were a perfect fit for our specially selected mini-expo in Dublin.

Beovation GmbH is an internationally oriented start-up that discovered a growing need for hosts of sports and entertainment events to increase the level of comfort at their venues to compete with the growing convenience of people’s living rooms. The increasing technological trends of home entertainment causes potential attendants to choose staying at home over attending an event at the stadium, especially when weather conditions are unfavourable.

Therefore, Beovation will globally launch its premium seating solution at this year’s TheStadiumBusiness Summit in Dublin, Ireland. The innovative team is proud to release its new product, a portable seat cushion, which can be heated up as well as cooled down to increase people’s comfort all year round. The removable hot and cold pads within the internal pockets inside the seating area as well as the backrest create a unique and patented heating and cooling system. Beovation aims to assist sports & entertainment properties to expand their premium seating areas, increase attendance levels and strengthens the emotional involvement of fans as the pleasant coolness prevents from sweating during the summer while the comfortable heating system keeps warm during the winter. Moreover, the seat cushion’s special padding not only isolates to extend the heating and cooling time to over four hours, but also provides ultimate comfort without the pads for usage during spring and autumn. Beovation offers full customisability of both the seat cushion as well as the pads to give companies the possibility to align the product with their brand identity for great exposure.

Furthermore, since Beovation places great focus on sustainability, it managed to produce the seat cushion from recycled plastic waste to reduce pollution without any compromises in quality. The product is certified and meets the highest quality standards for upholstery fabrics. Combined with the hot and cold pads’ reusability of several hundred times, Beovation provides a long lasting and eco-friendly product that also displays an ideal tool for CSR strategies.

The seat cushion is an ideal solution for all kinds of businesses in the sports, events & entertainment industry that want to create a unique and memorable customer experience in their stadium environment.

See Beovation’s clever solution and meet the team (alongside 350+ industry leaders) only at the Summit 22-23 June, Dublin. Register here.

What are people saying?

I had a great time and more importantly I learned a great deal. The networking alone was worth the trip but when you add the ability to come back and improve your business…well then you have a real winner

Ron Velazquez Vice President, Ticket Operations, Cleveland Cavaliers

Probably the best place to be on the planet to discuss this exciting industry that we all work in

Paul Sergeant Director, PMY Group

Your conferences are well run, well thought out, and well executed. I’ve been to many, and really appreciate the way you handle yourself. Well done.

Bart Wiley Chief Operating Officer, Seattle Sounders

it is an honour and an amazing opportunity for us being part of such an excellent group of professionals from the industry!

András Katona Head of Marketing, Liberty Stadium

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, which isn’t a phrase normally associated with doing events, but it was really good and we have a lot of excellent contacts to follow up on.

Carolyn Baillie Head of Marketing, Exterity