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Donations & Nominations #SBS24: Supporting EMERGENCY’s Exceptional Healthcare Initiatives

Emergency: https://emergencyuk.org/

Emergency: https://emergencyuk.org/

At Xperiology, we are proud to continue our support for our charity partner, EMERGENCY. During the recently held TheStadiumBusiness Summit & TheStadiumBusiness Awards at Old Trafford in Manchester from June 16-18, our combined efforts raised a total of £3,437 for this vital cause.

Our attendees generously contributed £1,341 through the portable donation machines at the event. Xperiology matched this amount, demonstrating our commitment to supporting EMERGENCY. Additionally, we pledged £5 for every valid entry for the 2024 TheStadiumBusiness Awards, raising an extra £755 through 151 entries. Together, these efforts brought the total raised at TheStadiumBusiness Summit to £3,437.

EMERGENCY provides free, high-quality healthcare to those affected by conflict and poverty. Their sustainable approach includes building healthcare facilities, training local personnel, and conducting search and rescue missions in the Mediterranean Sea. Since 1994, EMERGENCY has treated over 13 million people in 20 countries and currently operates in Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Italy, Sierra Leone, Sudan, and Uganda.

We are immensely grateful for the support shown by our attendees and partners this year. Xperiology will continue our efforts at the upcoming TheStadiumBusiness ASIA & TheTicketingBusiness ASIA meetings in October, and we hope to surpass the amount raised in Manchester.

To support EMERGENCY’s lifesaving work, please donate here. In the time you’ve taken to read this post, their medical experts have likely saved another four lives.