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1. List 3 KEY ISSUES affecting your stadium business;

2. List 3 NEW IDEAS/INITIATIVES which have impressed you (or you may implement for your stadium business);

3. List 3 SPORTS EXECUTIVES (colleagues, competitors, stadiums etc) who would benefit from attending TheStadiumBusiness Summit next year.

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What are people saying?

You guys did a great job. Really enjoyed the programming and hospitality.

Scott Jenkins General Manager, Mercedes-Benz Stadium

The best conference I've ever attended!

Lee Zeidman President, STAPLES Center

We are building a new stadium so this event is really great for us, not only to meet the best suppliers but also other clubs who plan to build as well to share each of our ideas...

Jean-Michel Waroquier Head of Marketing , Royal Charleroi Sporting Club

Congratulations on a fabulous event. You guys really go the extra mile!

Chris Salmon Commercial Director, SG Fleet

A delightful summit… There are great opportunities ahead.

Javier Martinez CEO, JMTZ

Another great Summit. We couldn't be more pleased with our participation.

Magnus Danielsson VP International, Feld Entertainment Motorsports