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KEYNOTE PREVIEW: AI, ChatBots and Your Touchpoints

Artificial intelligence has ushered in a new age for professional sports. Thanks to technology like chat bots, organisations can be much more efficient with their manpower in serving the needs of fans before, during, and after games.

We welcome Don White, CEO & Co-Founder, Satisfi Labs to TheStadiumBusiness Summit 2020 where he will discuss the importance of understanding fan behaviour and how artificial intelligence helps teams throughout professional sports do just that.

Satisfi sarted with a simple idea: looking at Citi Field, hungry, wanting something on the menu and seeing ‘bacon on a stick’ was there. Don White then set about asking how do teams know what’s available? How do they communicate with fans?

Two years later Satisfi is the go-to solutions provider for AI-powered solutions to guest interactions. The platform powers chatbot, app, web and voice touchpoints – combining the speed and accuracy of automation and the personality of a live person.

“We’re working with more than 60 teams and venues in North America now. Our clients have figured out that by providing a conversational search, they’re able to own the dialogue with the fan and now understand their wants and needs. It always starts out typically on the guest experience side just to help the fan get what they want,” says White.

“Now the transition is the marketing people are getting involved, the ticketing people are getting involved and now it’s moving heavily into a sales product as opposed to just a customer service product.”

AI is just coming into professional sport and the impacts will be enormous.

Meet Don and learn how AI-powered, ‘natural’ conversations are driving fan engagement, customer satisfaction and new revenue streams – exclusively at #SBS20!


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