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#SBS21 Preview: Creating a Winning Fan Experience

The early stages of the pandemic left a stadium-sized void in the hearts of many sports enthusiasts and concert-goers who missed experiencing the pastimes they revered.

It also gave venue operators time to reimagine and explore how to create entertainment hubs that suit multipurpose operations year-round and to implement interactive technology solutions, increase safety measures and provide a more engaging fan experience. Stadium upgrades have taken many forms, including on-demand food and beverage ordering from the comfort of their seats to viewing the wait times at the nearest bathroom on their smartphones, all designed to enhance spectators’ in-person experiences.

Join Christopher Lavelle, Senior Director of Development at AVIXA, and Bob Kronman, Director of Kronman Associates, in their session – Smart Stadiums – Creating a Winning Fan Experience – at #SBS21 to learn about these innovative technologies used at venues worldwide to heighten the overall fan experience.

During this deep dive into the top stadiums across the globe, this session will explore how today’s upgraded stadiums and arenas can create the nostalgic experiences of tomorrow, where new forms of revenue can be found 24/7/365, and how technology can forge a network to bring people together for these shared experiences as easily and frequently as possible.