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Fans & Tickets: Challenges and Solutions – in partnership with SecuTix

TheStadiumBusiness is partnering with sports ticketing and fan engagement platform SecuTix to co-curate a special breakout session dedicated to ‘Fans & Tickets’.

“The advent of all-digital, mobile-first ticketing for sports heralds a paradigm shift in how we market, sell, deliver, access and activate stadium and arena ticketing,” says TheStadiumBusiness Founder Ian Nuttall. “Most sports venues and organisations have still to navigate the myriad technical and operational challenges – let alone be positioned to gain full advantage of the data and insights such a move brings.”

As a leading sector supplier, SecuTix has been at the forefront of ticketing innovations with a client list spanning a host of world-class sports businesses such as Everton FC, Brentford FC, Saracens Rugby, The Open, Lancs Cricket, and UEFA (covering tournaments from 2018-2021).

To satisfy growing client demands for more “fan-friendly, consumer-focused, e-commerce experience” around ticketing, SecuTix has also pioneered the application of 3D Seating maps (with Pacifa Decision and now 3D Digital Venue), loyalty programmes (via Rewards4Group), group payments (via ShareGroop), ticketing pricing comparison (via TickX) and blockchain technology to event tickets.

Most recently SecuTix partnered with England Netball to provide the technology underpinnings for a new approach to league-2-fan engagement and long term membership growth.

Join us at TheStadiumBusiness Summit 10th anniversary meeting on 4-5 June at Emirates Old Trafford to explore the future of fan engagement via digital ticketing solutions.

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