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PGE Gdansk Arena Project details announced

At this year’s TheStadiumBusiness SummitTomasz Kowalski, CEO of PGE Gdansk Arena, Poland, will be updating us on the progress of its plan to redevelop the space beside the stadium, including the success of its FUN Park which opened in June of last year.

Located in the Letnica district that is easily accessible to the airport, the PGE Gdansk Arena project is a 27,800 square metre space with an estimated cost of between 198,000,000 and 260,000,000m PLN (£35-£40million).

Once completed, PGE Gdansk Arena will be broken up in different facilities including a 4,250 square metre aquatic park, a 2,100 square metre tropical garden, a 3,450 square metre fun park, 6,000 square metre fitness and physiotherapy facilities and a 12,000 square metre hotel with over 120 rooms.

Design and construction on the venue is expected to take up to 54 months.

Tomasz explained the goal of the PGE Gdansk Arena project.

“We are following our mission to develop PGE ARENA as an event, business and entertainment centre. The new facilities are expected to complement each other and provide an attractive leisure space for people to spend their free time, have rest and integrate.”

According to Tomasz, The FUN Park has already proved successful for PGE Gdansk. The space contains mazes with ammunition recharge stations and medical stations where you can recharge life points, go-karts, trampolining as well as offering bungee jumping or the chance to zip-line between the stadium stands.

“We are testing the city’s potential regarding the so-called ‘leisure business’. We have been offering a wide range of services at FUN ARENA, an entertainment park on the stadium premises since June last year. The number of visitors – residents of Gdansk, as well as business people, Polish and foreign tourists – keeps increasing.”

To learn more about the PGE Gdansk Arena project and meet with Tomasz, visit TheStadiumBusiness Summit in Barcelona (10-11 June).


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