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Is your stadium known for its enjoyable seating experience? Is there more you can be doing to ensure an enhanced experience when visiting your venue?

TheStadiumBusiness Summit 2014 is delighted to be sponsored by renowned manufacturer of chairs and tables for objects, offices, commercial areas, auditoriums and sports venues, Stechert Stahlrohrmöbel GmbH.

Stechert’s comfortable stadium seats can be found in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium, in five of the host stadiums of the Football World Cup in South Africa, including the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban with 60,000 seats, and many other sports facilities in Germany, Europe, Africa and Brazil.

Wespoke to Kay Habermaier, Head of Sales Sports and Auditorium Seating, to learn more about the high-profile projects they have been working on and how other venues can benefit from its innovative services.

How did you have the customer in mind when creating the finishing product?

We speak to contractors and planning authorities at a very early stage. It is important always to be up- to-date and to exchange ideas. A good example for this is our approach at the new stadium of Spartak Moscow.

All stadium seats are fixed flexibly on crossbars that special system allows to extend or reduce the space between the seats. Also in view of the time after World Championship 2018 – the seat capacity can be changed very easily.

Alternation is provided by the seats in club colors “pure red” and “traffic white” which are set in a various order in the upper and lower tier as well as in the Spartak lettering. Our goal is to provide to every customer something special.

What are the main considerations that need to be taken when working with a venue?

We are looking into individual tailor-fit solutions. For us, one arena or one stadium shall not look like the other – an individual footprint should be visible.

Our approach is to be always a step ahead with stylish, modern and very comfortable solutions and products. In addition, we rely not only on seating since we also do the floor underconstruction, ceilings, etc. We are also currently working on renowned projects such as the Phiharmony of Paris or Radio France.

What can you offer venue operators to help improve their customer’s premium experience?

Since the hospitality areas are growing more and more in a large number of stadiums it is evident that there is a significant request for business and VIP seats. Premium ticket holders ask for premium seat quality. According to their needs we – together with the potential customer – try to work out the individual best possibility of seating options.

Our COPACABANA line emphasizes on perfect ergonomics and is equipped with a high backrest. COPACABANA is the first stadium seat worldwide that has been awarded with the red-dot-design award.

Clubs take many additional options in consideration such as club or sponsor logo embroidery, cup holder, adjustable backrest as well as heating or cooling integrated in the seat.

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How are you different from other companies that offer similar products?

From the body shape adapted shell seat to the foldable design-awarded heatable and cooling VIP seat, STECHERT offers a complete portfolio of innovative solutions.

Manufacturingat three specialized German company sites we as a family-run company strongly rely on our high in-house production depth.

Besides seating for sports venues, STECHERT supplies chairs and tables for offices and commercial areas as wellas for university auditoriums and theatres.

How an venues stand to create new audiences and revenue streams from your products?

A perfect seat is an important factor to succeed overall. We try to convince venue operators that durability and comfort are even cost-saving.

If the seat breaks or the colour fades after a short period of time, they have to be exchanged and new seats have to be bought. If the spectator is not sitting comfortably for two or more hours they will think twice about attending again.

To discover the potential for your venue seating, contact Kay Habermaier via email or call +49 9102 809 55

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