The 2010 FIFA World Cup at Cape Town Stadium – a global sporting event, brought to life by one moment in time.

One venue, one location, initially for one reason. Yet as with all stadiums around the world, these iconic attractions represent far more than can ever be defined by their architecture and operation plans, yielding a return on investment well in excess of the initial capital expenditure (US$ 600 million) and calculation of break even.

Able to bring together over 64,000 people for a shared moment in time, Cape Town Stadium was, and continues to be, a vehicle for uniting so many other critical elements to the economic and social development of a city, including:

• Government and business leaders around a common vision, work plan and pride;

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• Leading design and technology from across the globe, yet with a distinct local signature;

• Citizens initially with as many opinions about the venue as they represent in votes, now with excitement over upcoming events calendar dates not to miss;

• National and international artists and sports personalities wanting to put “Cape Town” on their tour line-up and sexy “I was there” t-shirts;

• Elevated city reputation, providing invaluable impact on destination brand awareness, appeal and competitiveness (sometimes becoming attractions in their own right), and reason to visit now

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