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#SBS23 Preview: NextGen fan engagement

Featured image credit: Unsplash / 2Mobile

Featured image credit: Unsplash / 2Mobile

Discover how to take fan communication to the next level by embracing next-level engagement strategies, such as chatbots, at this year’s TheStadiumBusiness Summit.

Matjaž Možina, chief executive of 2Mobile, a leading mobile technology company located in Slovenia, presents a quickfire session exploring innovative ways for sports clubs to connect with their fans, provide support, and streamline customer care operations. These solutions can help clubs reduce call centre waiting lines, automate routine tasks, and enhance the overall fan experience.

As fans increasingly seek personalised and interactive experiences, messaging apps have become a popular platform for engagement. Find out more about what’s on the #SBS23 programme here.

With over 20 years of experience in the mobile industry, Možina is an experienced entrepreneur with expertise in delivering innovative mobile solutions that meet the needs of businesses and consumers.

Join Matjaž and hundreds of venue owners, operators and executives only at #SBS23 on 28-29 June at Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester…