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#SBS23 Preview: Game-changing connectivity for stadiums of the future

Featured image credit: Unsplash / BAI Communications

Featured image credit: Unsplash / BAI Communications

In advance of TheStadiumBusiness Summit 2023, Paul Osborne, Chief Commercial Officer at BAI Communications UK (soon to become Boldyn Networks) shares insight into why it’s such an exciting time in the stadium marketplace, why TheStadiumBusiness Summit is a must-attend event, and the journey from BAI to Boldyn.

Paul is responsible for driving BAI Communications’ (BAI) overall growth plans in the UK and Ireland. His focus is on helping sports and entertainment venues create unmatched visitor experiences, while increasing safety and operational efficiency.

At the Summit, which takes place in Manchester later this month, Boldyn Networks will discuss its deployment of the first neutral host 5G arena in the UK. Find out more about what’s on the #SBS23 programme here.

TheStadiumBusiness.com: Paul, recently BAI revealed it will be rebranding as Boldyn Networks at the end of June 2023. The rebrand coincides with TheStadiumBusiness Summit. What’s the rationale behind the rebrand?

Paul Osborne: “It is a coincidence that our rebrand coincides with TheStadiumBusiness Summit, but it is a happy moment for us.

“We are bringing together BAI in the Northern Hemisphere and its five subsidiaries into one new brand that will be greater than the sum of its parts by integrating our portfolio and expanding our capabilities.

“We will immediately become one of the world’s largest shared network infrastructure providers, with customers in the venues and events marketplace as well as transport, government, military, and enterprise.”

TSB: Why is TheStadiumBusiness Summit important to you?

Paul Osborne: “It’s a great opportunity to demonstrate our credentials and share customer success stories. And it’s an important event due to its value in the sports industry as a premier gathering of stadium professionals. It gives us unparalleled opportunities for networking, collaboration, and knowledge exchange, so that we can understand the challenges our customers face. By fostering relationships with industry leaders, we can earn our position as a trusted partner in transforming the fan experience through state-of-the-art connectivity solutions.”

TSB: And you are going to be sharing a customer case study at the event?

Paul Osborne: “Yes, we will showcase the UK’s first neutral host 5G arena deployment. It illustrates how adopting a neutral host model enables wireless infrastructure to be shared across multiple operators, unlocking significant fan experiences, safety, operations, and commercial benefits. It’s a more sustainable way to deliver reliable, high performance wireless connectivity, so fans, visitors and staff alike have consistent coverage and enjoy high speeds throughout a venue.”

Join Paul and hundreds of venue owners, operators and executives only at #SBS23 on 28-29 June at Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester…